Who’s Mira?

At home I’m a mom to wonderful, loving, gritty kids who are taught to love life, share their gifts and go after what they want with determination. I’m also a wife to a caring guy with a great sense of humour who can make me smile even on saddest of days. Finally, I’m a very social human being who enjoys family travels, girls’ nights out, books that make me think, challenging workouts and on occasion a slice of a delicious chocolate cream cake!

At work I’m an Educational and Life Coach inspiring youth and young adults to improve their life. I teach them to love life. I help them take charge of their life. I encourage and motivate them to go after what they want. And I provide them with all the tools they need to achieve their goals and dreams. I am blessed to have such a satisfying career.

From Coffee Chats to Inspirational Lifestyle

I created this space to mimic my coffee dates with my besties. However, it quickly transitioned to a place where I started sharing my love for improving my family life and relationships,  for travels, and for loving and improving myself each and every day.

Family Matters

Under the Family Matters you’ll find lots of fun stuff ranging from family activities, parenting tips and tricks, educational activities and reads and family health related issues. On occasion you’ll also find me ranting about some of the things that many of us can relate to (though I try to keep those to a minimum).


We love to travel! Our most recent travels have been to the Caribbean Islands. However, over the years we have travelled across North America including Mexico, and all across Europe. We enjoy two types of travel: the lazy-sandy-beach-getaways and the dawn-to-dusk-historic-sight-seeing-adventures.

I find that the best travel tips I always find are on personal travel blogs. By writing about our travels, I hope to provide my readers with my honest views about places we visit and activities we participate in. In a way, I’m hoping to pay it back or pay it forward (depending on how you look at it) and inspire people to discover some of the amazing places this world has to offer. So take a look at our favourite adventures and my Travel Wise tips under the Travel tab.

Body, Mind, Spirit

I have a lot of hobbies and passions. Too many if you ask me. But my longest and most consistent obsession has been with personal development and self love and care. And those re the ones I share here in hopes to inspire you to improve your life and become the best you can be or to take a moment for yourself without feeling guilty.

I love positive psychology, self-coaching, exploring Law of Attraction, reading personal development and self help books. I love routines and tricks that help me be more productive. And I thrive on improving myself and becoming better and better every day. And that’s exactly what you’ll find me talking about here. Sometimes even the smallest change in our lives can make the biggest difference. So take a look and I bet you’ll find something that will resonate with you too.

On the other hand, I believe that self-love and self-care are essential for any human being, let alone working moms who try to juggle their careers, family life and everything in between. So on occasion you’ll find me relaxing in a day spa, spending an afternoon reading a book on a comfy chair in my backyard or working out the stresses of the day in favourite exercise class. If you’re looking for ideas to take relax or simple ways to take that well deserved break, check out my posts in the Self-Care section.

Work With Me

I am open to collaborations, campaigns, sponsored posts, book reviews, and / or giveaways related to travel, personal development, life-coaching, productivity, and self-care.

I welcome advertising opportunities directly related to topics directly related to areas mentioned above.

Please address all your inquiries to Mira at MindOverLatte@gmail.com