About Mind Over Latte

I never really paid attention to self-care or personal wellness until a very overwhelming year at work that left me completely burnt out.

That’s when I decided to learn how to take care of myself better and to seek a more balanced lifestyle.

This led me to becoming a self-proclaimed wellness advocate. I read countless books related to mental health and personal growth, attended wellness workshops, yoga and meditation classes, and positive psychology summits. 

Educating youth and adults about the benefits of self-care, personal growth, and finding balance in life became my mission.

Mind Over Latte is a hub for all the best ideas and research I’ve done, nicely packaged into short posts to help you improve your well-being, grow as a person and thrive as a family.

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Meet Mira - Mind Over Latte

Hi! I’m Mira.

Hello and welcome to my blog.

I’m a wife, a mom, and a wellness advocate. 

I love working with youth, teaching them about mental health and wellness and encouraging them to spend time on personal growth and development.

On winter nights you’ll most likely find me snugly covered with a blanket, curled up on my favorite chair by the fireplace with a book in one hand and a hot chocolate in the other. 

On summer days I love lounging on the beach with a cold drink in my hand, enjoying the hot sand under my feet and the cool breeze on my face while listening to an audio book or a podcast. 

And in between I am passionate about traveling, doing yoga, meditating, hiking on local trails and spending time with my family and friends.

From Burnout to Fulfillment…

When Mind Over Latte blog was created I was going through a tough time and this was supposed to be my “safe place” to vent my frustrations. I’d sit at the computer with a big mug of latte and throw myself a “pity-party”.

Yet, after a few posts, I felt that concentrating on the negative things in my life was not going to change it for the better. I needed to take charge of my life. Realizing that I’m responsible for my own well-being and happiness, I decided to change my approach.

And soon I realized I wasn’t alone. That many of us suffer from burnout, anxiety, depression and do our best to seek out best solutions and quickest ways to get better, improve our lives and to be happier.

So I decided to facilitate that change for those who needed it the most. I also started working with youth organizing mental health and wellness seminars and workshops and leading wellness groups. And became involved in my workplace health and wellness providing opportunities for our staff to ‘take a breather’ and to make themselves a priority.

Helping You Thrive…

And as my life started to transform, so did the blog. I dug deeper into ways to improve my mental health and well-being, learning new ways to practice self-care, growing as a person, and helping myself and my family to thrive. I started to write posts that inspired and encouraged me to be better and do better one day at a time, hoping that they will also help someone else.

Since you’re here, I hope that my posts will inspire you to improve your life, give you hope in the moments of despair and provide you with tips and tools to lead a happier and a more fulfilled life.

I do my best to send your way some uplifting, encouraging and motivating reads. So grab your favorite beverage and enjoy a scroll through Self-Care & Wellness, Thriving Family or Personal Growth & Development sections of my blog.

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