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Inspire Your Soul with These Amazing Personal Development Books

Do you love inspirational personal development books?

If you’re like me, you too are always in pursuit of practical ways to improve my life; relax more, take better care of my mental and physical health, be more productive, inspire myself to step out of my comfort zone, etc…

This passion of mine has translated into me reading a ton of self-love, self-improvement, personal development, and health and wellness nooks. All of them have either taught me something new or confirmed something that I learned somewhere else.

So to make your life easier I’ve decided to create an ever growing collection of my favourite books. These wellness books that have inspired me to lead more peaceful and happier life. The books are in no particular order as I add to the list each time I finish yet another inspiring read that I feel can help you improve your life.


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Give Yourself Permission to be Happy

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