7 Tips to Complete a Marathon in a Month

Have you ever considered walking or running a marathon? But then you realized, that conquering 42 km in one day is just not something that you would really want to do? Well, I have a much easier solution for you that will allow you to still walk or run the mileage without the pressure. How about running a marathon in a month?

Here is a challenge for you. Ran or walk a marathon in a month. For a whole month, each time you go for a run or a walk, count your mileage. Add it up at the end of the month. Did you walk or run 42km? If the answer is YES, then you are ready for a much bigger challenge – two lengths of a marathon perhaps? On the other hand, if your answer is NO, see if you can do it within the next 30 days. A marathon is 26 miles or 42 kilometers.  To accomplish your goal you’ll need to walk or run:

  • 1.4 kilometers every day for 30 days
  • 2.1 kilometers five times a week (every work day / 20 days) within 30 days
  • 3.5 kilometers three times a week (12 times) within 30 days
  • 5.25 kilometers twice a week (8 times) within 30 days

Get Ready to Complete Your Marathon in a Month

challenge yourself: complete a marathon in a month - mindoverlatte.com

Set a Schedule

Decide on which days of the week you are going to walk or run and keep that schedule. If you’re looking to conquer shorter distances, do it daily. You can easily walk 2.1 km during lunch hour each work day. That alone will add up to a length of a marathon without a problem.

Figure Out Your Distance

To figure out your distance you can use apps on your phone such as RunKeeper.  If you have a fitness tracker such as FitBit, Garmin or Apple Watch you can get those to track the distance for you. Or you could simply sit at your computer and figure out a loop on Google Maps that will give you the desired distance and follow it each time you go out for a run or a walk.

Decide On Your Reward

For some, running or walking the distance of a marathon will be a reward and itself. However, for most of us, who are more motivated by external rewards, it may be a good idea to come up with a reward that you will gift to yourself once you complete the marathon in a month. Choose something special and unique that you would not normally give to yourself. Something that will motivate you and make you look forward to getting it.

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Do It Outside

First of all, marathons are meant to be run outside. So do it outdoors. Second of all, there are many more benefits to running or walking outside than inside. Some of the benefits of walking or running outside include lowered anxiety and increased relaxation, better mood, and improved blood circulation. That does not include the fitness benefits such as decreasing your resting heart rate, or decreasing your risk of a heart attack. Nature has wonderful healing powers. So get outside, breathe in the fresh air, take a moment to clear your mind, exercise your body and reach your goal of walking or running a marathon in a month!

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Track Your Distance

It is totally up to you how you do it, but remember to track your data for each of the walks or runs. Keep it all in one place and add it up together at the end of the month. Here is my Marathon in a Month Motivational Tracker  you can print and post on your fridge as a reminder of your goals and accomplishments. Once you add it all up, you will be surprised how much walking or running you can do in a day, a week or a month.


This is probably the most important and the most difficult step. Often times we are very excited to start a new adventure or new project, but sticking with it is another story. So commit to achieving this goal. Commit to doing your walks or runs on the dates you have chosen. Commit to finishing the entire track you set for yourself on that day. Commit to getting healthier and stronger. Commit to finishing this marathon in a month.

Reward Yourself

When the month is over and you have accomplished your goal, you ran or walked the length of the marathon in a month, reward yourself. If you keep your word to yourself, and reward yourself after completing the marathon, it will be so much easier to set these kinds of challenges for yourself in the future. If you skip the reward, you won’t trust yourself in the future that even though you completed the task or the challenge you will actually be rewarded for it.

Now You’re All Set – Let’s go!

Take the first step and print out this Marathon in a Month Motivational Tracker to get you started.

7 tips to complete a marathon in a month

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11 thoughts on “7 Tips to Complete a Marathon in a Month”

  1. Wow! I wanna do this. It’s just that running makes me sick. I get tight in the chest. Walking, so far, is best for me,

  2. I love this idea, for those just starting out! I normally walk 10,000 steps a day which with my stride length is around 3 miles a day and would take me around 8 days to walk 26 miles.

  3. My friend did this, and I definitely admire anyone who can do it. It’s pretty incredible to do it. I couldn’t not imagine trying to do it because I have knee issues. But this is great inspiration to do other things for my health.


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