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The Anatomy of a Perfect PIN & How to Make It Work for You

The Anatomy of a Perfect Pin - How to make your pins stand out

There are many articles out there explaining how Pinterest works and how to make it work for you, but through my research, I never found all the information I needed presented very clearly and in one place. So over the last month I watched several interviews with Pinterest Customer Service Representatives to learn all the little secrets to improve the quality of my Pins and to increase my Pinterest following. Here are a few tips that I’d like to pass on to you.

The Anatomy of a Perfect Pin

The Image

In order for you to create a perfect Pin that stands out among others, it needs to be eye-catching and visually pleasing. The Pinterest representatives suggest using one large, clear image that is not overcrowded and not too busy. They also mention that high quality images are much more engaging than low resolution ones. In order for the Pin to be fully visible on the screen they recommend to use 2:3 ratio, as Pinterest is moving away from long Pins and eventually will be cutting their visibility off of your feed.

The Layout

In addition to a great image, the perfect Pin needs to include several other components.

First, it needs to have a clear title. It serves several purposes. A clear title helps the potential reader determine if they want to read the article or not and helps the potential Pinner pin it to a specific, rather than a general board.

You may also want to include your website or blog url. This serves two distinct purposes. One, even if the url is for some reason not embedded in your Pin, the person who would like to read your article, can still find it by Googling your website or blog. Another reason is to deter “pin thieves” from using your pin to lead to their site and to help Pinners  recognize that the url on the Pin and the url the Pin lead them to are different, and hopefully return to your website or blog.

Finally, since you probably spent some time picking the perfect image, keep it clean and unobstructed. It is much more appealing to look at clear image than one that has been covered by writing.

The Anatomy of a Perfect Pin

3 Components of a Pinterest Ready Pin

When you get your Pin image ready to go, the next step is to upload it to Pinterest. You will find that Pinterest asks you to include three things when creating a new Pin: image, url and description.

The Image

The first one is easy. You just spent some time creating the perfect Pin. Now all you have to do is upload it to the Create Pin screen.

Your Website URL

Under website, copy and paste the url to the actual article the Pin is for. This will lead interested parties straight to your post. It will save your potential readers some time, as they won’t have to look for this post all over your website (which could be a deterrant). Doing so ensures clarity and enhances experience of those who want to check out this post.

The Description

Finally, the description. Fist of all, make sure that you actually include one. Description gives Pinners more information about the article and helps them determine if they want to pin it or not. Keep your description short and relevant. In order to help Pinners determine what board to re-pin your Pin, include at least five relevant hashtags. Your hashtags should include information such as the topic of your article and potential boards the article can be pinned to.

The Anatomy of a Perfect Pin

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Making Your Pins Work for You

There are several things Pinterest Customer Service Representatives suggest in order to make your Pins work for you and help you grow traffic.

Create Topic Relevant Boards

First thing that they suggest is to ensure that your boards are topic-specific. It allows for a better pinning experience for everyone and helps you gain followers who are not interested in following all of your boards, but rather a few specific ones.

Pin Consistently

The key to success that is mentioned most often is the consistency of pinning. Ideally, they suggest five to ten pins a day at different times of the day. Personally I found that rather difficult, until I finally gave in and tried a free month of Tailwind – a pin scheduling platform. I couldn’t believe what difference it made for me. First of all, I schedule all of my Pins for two to three weeks at a time. If I participate in re-pin threads, I schedule those Pins to be pinned to specific boards at regular intervals. It works like a charm.

If you are interested in trying it out for free, simply click through this link and claim your free trial. This month Tailwind is offering you $30 credit, which will get you TWO free months, instead of the regular one.

Tailwind - free trial

Prioritize Your Own Pins Over Others

It is that simple. Make sure that you are pinning three to five of your own Pins first each time, before re-pinning other Pins. Apparently the time of day is not as important as spacing them some time apart (and again, Tailwind can do that for you!).

Curate Others

According to some Pinterest Customer Service Representatives it is important that you re-pin other Pinners work as well to build your own boards. Keeping the ratio of your own Pins to other Pinner Pins 25 (of yours) to 75 (of others) is considered a good “Pinterest Citizenship”.

Happy Pinning!

I’m doing my best to apply those little “secrets” and to grow my MindOverLatte Pinterest Profile and Boards. If you have any other secrets that have worked well for you, I’d love to hear them! And if you applied any of the tips mentioned above, stop by and let me know how it worked out for you.

The anatomy of a perfect pin and how to make pins work for you


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    December 5, 2018 at 10:57 pm

    Simone, Thank you! I needed this info! I have been working on my pins but this gives me a better guide, I never use #’s and now I will try to remember and also adding the URL to the picture, it also stop others from using them! I just found a web page that has used 2 of my title page post on their page so I will be doing this!!

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