Who’s Mira?

Who is Mira?

She’s a wife, a working mother, and an independent woman. 

This is her ‘safe space’ to voice her thoughts and opinions. No filters, no holding back. Just candid and honest thoughts and opinions told exactly how she sees it. 

She enjoys chatting about family life, house and home and culinary adventures. She is also very passionate about travel, health and fitness, mental and spiritual well-being, personal development, books, photography, and thousand and one other hobbies that come and go every once in awhile. 

Whether it is a reflective, creative, happy, critical, or nostalgic note, you’ll get it straight. No sugarcoating. 

Now that you know what to expect – go off, explore the blog, enjoy the posts, leave a few comments, and stop by again for another dose of her ‘mind over latte’. 

Happy reading!!